Experience Columbia, SC wanted to increase partner referrals while at the same time creating a seamless experience for website visitors who want to research rates and availability of lodging and activities without having to leave the site. Book › Direct gives DMOs the ability to showcase a relevant and curated list of lodging and experiences, allowing website visitors to book directly with brands they trust. 

Switching to Book › Direct keeps users on the DMO website while researching lodging options and connects them directly to the property for booking. The design of the booking widget is seamless with their website design and provides a better user experience. Experience Columbia, SC increased property listing engagement by 50% in only 6 months and generated 7x more booking revenue than third-party conversions. Read more.

Kelsey Carmichael, Experience Columbia SC, headshot

"We made the switch to Book › Direct because we wanted to create a better user experience and also wanted to provide more direct leads to our hotel partners. We have been very pleased with our results for both so far. The average time on page for both our hotels and preferred hotels pages has increased year over year, showing that users are having a more enjoyable and worthwhile experience with our booking widget. We have also seen a significant increase in bookings and referrals. This simple switch has made an impact on the number of visitors making the decision to book in Columbia – a major win!”

Kelsey Carmichael, Director of Marketing, Experience Columbia SC

Experience Columbia SC + Book › Direct Case Study 2021

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