Tourism video still tops the list of effective content marketing for destinations, but it's important to keep with the times. Basic video strategies from five years ago just don’t cut it anymore. 

Traveler tastes have moved on, and different kinds of travel video get the best engagement today. Here are five important video trends in tourism and destination marketing right now.


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2. Video 360-Degree Tours

360 videos for destination marketing help to deliver powerful, immersive content that helps customers truly understand your destination or location. 

360 marketing videos can offer a jam-packed view of local attractions, hotels and scenery; putting the viewer in the driver’s seat means they control what they see and how long they see it. All while helping to drive engagement and increase conversions on your website. 

Threshold 360, the leading provider of interactive 360° virtual tours, has some great examples of destinations using 360 tours

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4. Capturing Authentic Video 

"Authentic," "genuine" — whatever word you use, it's the same idea: people want reality. Gone are the days of stock photos and over-produced promo films. Instead, user-generated content (UGC) has surged ahead in video for travel marketing. Why? Because it's real. 

One authentic method of utilizing video is through story format on social media. Millions of people use Instagram and TikTok every day. Encourage visitors to post videos of their experiences to show the true personality of your destination. 

CrowdRiff has four examples to use the story format to reach today’s traveler, to get you started. 


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