The most successful sales professionals use every available tool to garner lead prospects and research competitors. The enhanced MINT+ is one resource for meetings and event salespeople at destination marketing organizations (DMOs). 

Our recent webinar, “10 Impressive Ways Your Sales Peers Maximize MINT+,” covered some best-practice examples. Check out our handy reference guide for how to make the most of MINT+, based on interviews with DMO sales professionals. Learn some best-practice examples to freshen up your routine. 

“I urge sales teams to think of MINT+ as a tool in your toolbox,” said Terri Roberts, program manager at 2Synergize LLC, a Simpleview consulting company. “You’d never come to work and not open your CRM or email, so you should open MINT+, too. Think of it as a place you go in and out of all day to enhance your account knowledge through search and support your sales activities through queries.” 


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Mint+ | 10 Impressive Ways Your Sales Peers Maximize Mint - August 2022