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Tonya Angell

Tonya Angell manages the Marketing Automation Managed Services team here at Simpleview and comes from an extensive background in Digital Marketing & Marketing Automation. Presently, she supports the business and clients in bringing creative concepts to life by utilizing her knowledge and skills to help destinations and their agencies achieve their marketing goals. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering passion for success, her work never stays static but is constantly adapted to fit the needs of her clients.

5 Ways to Optimize Emails for Mobile Viewers

Email marketing can be quite a daunting task, as is ensuring that the emails you send are going to be effective on mobile devices. There’s nothing more frustrating than building out an email only to find it’s not optimized for mobile friendly viewing. As of 2021, email statistics reveal that there…

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5 steps to develop a strategic email campaign

In a world with ever-expanding digital marketing options, it’s not uncommon to ask if email marketing is still important – the short answer: an emphatic yes. More than 70% of marketers believe email is the top form of digital marketing for return on investment. Email ranks higher than paid search…

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