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Follow along for product updates, enhancements, and announcements. Simpleview consistently updates and enhances its products to stay on top of trends, grow platform abilities, meet and exceed industry standards, and implement changes and updates per client use cases, product maintenance needs, requests, and ideas.

    Simpleview Brainery

    We've made major enhancements to Simpleview Brainery. Get a sneak peek of the new features available to unlimited clients.

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    Headless + React

    Simpleview CMS is now headless — here’s what you can expect.

    GA4 Dashboard

    The CMS Dashboard now utilizes the Google Analytics Property ID to provide GA4 data in CMS Dashboard Dashlets (e.g., At A Glance, Stats, Site Activity, etc.).

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    BCC Traces

    The BCC Traces feature allows Simpleview CRM users to track emails while on the go.

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    Forecast Feature

    Create room block updates with Simpleview CRM's new forecast feature.

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    Event Tag Update

    The “%%Special: EventSubEvents%% Core Special” tag is updated to not show duplicate information.

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    Marketing Automation Managed Services

    Simpleview Marketing Automation Managed Services takes all of the marketing automation and email marketing initiatives, implementation, and analysis off your team’s plate and puts it onto ours.

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    Centralized Reporting

    Book › Direct reporting is now centralized in Data Engine and new visuals have been introduced.


    Bandwango's Experience Pass technology is a "win, win, win" for the DMO, its partners, and visitors because it provides incentives for users to visit participating businesses.

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    Condensed charts

    Updated spacing in Document Builder so users can fit more data in a page’s available chart layout. Each added chart is displayed on the space available within the page.

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    Simpleview CRM

    Simpleview CRM's exclusive integration with Cvent ensures a simpler RFP process for your meeting sales team. But that's not all - learn all Simpleview CRM has to offer for managing your destination.

    Simpleview CMS

    More than 500 destinations use Simpleview CMS to pull partner listings, from local businesses to entire regions. Our industry-specific platform is powerful yet easy to use, featuring drag-and-drop functionality, real-time page-editing feedback, responsive layout simulation, saved content fragments and more.

    Digital Marketing

    Simpleview offers a full suite of digital marketing services that help DMOs lift their brand and web presence, cutting through the marketing noise and connecting travelers with their destination and hospitality partners.


    The Meetings Information Network (MINT+) database helps destinations prospect intelligently by using both historical data and information on future bookings. A joint venture between Destinations International and Simpleview, MINT+ is a shared repository of information on organizations and their meetings and events and is the DMO industry’s exclusive data cooperative.


    Give your attendees an event experience they’ll remember with technology you can rely on. Manage all your hybrid, virtual and in-person attendees on one platform and deliver personalized content, sessions, agendas and more. Automate your tasks, save time and get the business insight you need to scale your events.

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