Effective advertising knows how to stick. In addition to a brand name and logo, a slogan rounds out the trifecta of brand identity. Think of jingles that get stuck in your head about a sandwich when you’re trying to work (5 dollar footlong, anyone?). How about the number of times you’ve bought something shown to you while scrolling social media?

Well, it turns out the same rules apply to destination slogans. Ready to dive in?

The same strategy that created these catchy slogans: 

  • Subway: Eat Fresh
  • Goldfish: The Snack That Smiles Back
  • Nike: Just Do It
  • Maybelline: Maybe She’s Born With It
  • McDonald’s: I’m Lovin’ It 

Also created these:

  • Florida: Sunshine State
  • Virginia: Virginia Is For Lovers
  • Las Vegas: What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
  • Norway: Powered by Nature
  • Argentina: Beats to Your Rhythm

The long story short is that these slogans work. Today, we’re diving into the why.

#1 — Make it Catchy

Every one of these slogans sticks in your mind after you read it. Maybe it connects to a different thought or makes you laugh. That wasn’t a happy accident but rather a strategic marketing strategy. Catchy slogans are easy to remember and hard to forget, leading people to think of your brand naturally.

#2 — Make it Short & Sweet

Did you notice that the most successful slogans are ones you can read on a billboard while driving down the interstate? No small print is needed because they get the point across in only a few words. No successful slogan will be so long that it requires a genuine effort to remember. Despite “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” being a touch on the longer side, it sticks well because that’s the mentality of the location. Tying together who you are in a short and sweet way will be the most effective method.

#3 — Connect to an Emotion

Effective marketing comes down to a few basic principles, no matter what you’re trying to sell. One of the most popular is connecting your advertisement or brand to an emotion. Since we’re talking about travel, think of ways you can advertise in a way that says ‘this destination is your happy place.’ Does that mean your ideal visitor is a beach bum and needs to think of sunshine and sandy beaches? Maybe they’re more of an adventure seeker? Who you’re trying to attract is who you should have in mind when considering what emotional strings to pull.

#4 — Use it Over and Over and Over and Over Again

The advertising golden rule is to say the same thing enough times that it sticks. Why not have more than one slogan? Because it’s confusing. Your audience no longer knows what you’re trying to portray when you change up the messaging. Create something strong and say it, write it, and display it until you’re blue in the face. That’s the key.

#5 — Be Human

Understanding your goal is to connect with human beings will make your slogan and destination as a whole that much more approachable. Slogans work because they connect with people, but the slogan’s effectiveness wears off as soon as the brain connects that you’re trying to be a sales pitch. Similar to admitting we, as humans, don’t know everything, allow your slogan to reach for the person and not just their wallet.

Have additional questions about slogans or your branding specifically? Let us be a resource! Reach out today, and we’ll help your destination slogan dreams become a reality.