The Simpleview and Bandwango partnership will offer DMOs a solution for members and partners to participate in a program that leads to increased visitation.

TUCSON, AZ Simpleview is partnering with Bandwango to offer an integrated solution that will enhance the ease of setup and data sharing for clients. Simpleview, the leading provider of CRM, CMS, and marketing solutions for destinations worldwide, will offer destination marketing organizations (DMOs) access to Bandwango’s first-party data via Simpleview CRM as visitors and locals use passes created with Bandwango's Destination Experience Engine. Bandwango’s technology allows DMOs to organize restaurants, tours, and attractions into free and paid experiences that can be accessed directly on the DMO website.

Bandwango's Experience Pass technology is a "win, win, win" for the DMO, its partners, and visitors because it provides incentives for users to visit participating businesses. Each user’s participation is tracked via the pass, providing first-party data that shows visitations to listings and reflects the value the pass brings to the destination and its participating businesses. 

"We believe that the integration of Bandwango's technology into Simpleview's CMS and CRM platforms will provide our customers with a valuable tool for capturing and utilizing first-party data,” said Greg Evans, chief revenue officer at Simpleview. “By seamlessly syncing customer data, tracking on-site visits, and generating authentic attribution for in-person visits, we can help destinations and their partners achieve their goals and provide maximum value for our shared customers."

Key features and benefits:

  • The ability to seamlessly push first-party consumer data captures from Bandwango into the consumer database within Simpleview CRM
  • Access to Bandwango analytics in the “Benefits Summary” of Simpleview CRM — including a virtual representation of on-site visits via check-ins and an authentic attribution of in-person visits generated by the DMO website
  • A streamlined installation of Bandwango's integrated elements into Simpleview CMS-powered websites incorporates passes into relevant listings and offers an optimal increase in partner value and drives referrals

"We're thrilled to partner with Simpleview to enable our customers to more easily sync customer data, report success to their local businesses, and promote unique experiences throughout their website,” said Mo Parikh, CEO of Bandwango. 

Simpleview continues to work on further integration into its CMS that will allow clients to incorporate passes into relevant listings and offers. This integration will enable clients to market passes through their website, provide value and visibility to partner listings, and give information about locations, events, conferences, and venues to consumers.

Simpleview & Bandwango Press Release April 2023