Love is in the air ... and if you’re looking for a romantic getaway in 2024, we’ve got you covered. Spread the love with these seven romantic destinations you’ll adore.

1. Romance beneath the starry skies in Norway

Experience the starry, limitless sky and the unbelievable colours of the Northern Lights in Norway. February is a great time of year to see them — and from now until 2026, it’s predicted that aurora borealis activity is expected to reach its highest levels in 11 years. And if the Northern Lights escape you, you can experience Norway’s magical sunsets, landscapes, and wildlife. 


2. Quintessentially English charm in East Yorkshire

With its peaceful coastline and historic towns, East Yorkshire offers a quintessential English romantic break destination. Whether your idea of romance is delighting in nature with clifftop strolls, or wandering historic streets before curling up in a traditional pub with an open fire — East Yorkshire has it all. 


3. Fall in love with Shakespeare’s England

What’s more romantic than the home of the great Bard himself? With beautiful countryside, historic towns, and quaint villages, Warwickshire has lots to fall in love with. Visit Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare, to walk in his footsteps and brush up on your sonnets and love stories. 


4. Luxurious spa weekend in Bath

There’s no better way to soak up the romance (and some history) than by taking a luxurious spa break in Bath. Once you’re done, the city’s atmospheric streets — and Roman, medieval, and Georgian surrounds — are all yours to explore for a wealth of fine dining options.

Eight people enjoy the peace of a rooftop pool at a spa in Bath, England

5. Love on the vine in Napa Valley

Home to vibrant vineyards, natural serenity, and “intoxicating charm,” Napa Valley is the perfect pairing for romance. Want inspiration for your escape? Check out their itinerary ideas for a romantic respite.

Napa Valley

6. Getaway to the Golden Isles

Looking for breathtaking landscapes where you can connect with the person who took your breath away? The Golden Isles marry majestic marshlands with sandy beaches and endless experiences — on land or the water — for you and your partner to explore. Even if you only have 48 hours.

A person rides a horse down the beach at sunset

7. I Love New York

You already know the saying, "I Love New York," but now it’s time to fall in love with it yourself. New York State features an adventure for every love language. Natural landscapes, unforgettable food and drinks, and opportunities for every budget. What’s not to love?

A couple holds an orange umbrella while kissing in Times Square in New York

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