There’s no doubt that paid media has been one of the most disrupted marketing channels during COVID-19. One of the most common questions our team has been asked time and time again during the pandemic is “when should I start advertising again?” While the answer will vary greatly depending on your particular market and budget, there is travel demand out there that can be capitalized on, especially when looking at the drive markets.

This week on The Layover Live, Jeremy Harvey, Vice President of Communications & Marketing at Visit Savannah and Visit Tybee, joins Jason to discuss all things paid media. Jason and Jeremy discuss how Visit Savannah and Visit Tybee have evolved their paid media campaigns over the last several months, what research and insights they're using and how they're measuring success with their advertising.

Jeremy Harvey gave great advice on the importance of setting KPIs and measurements for success:

“Marketers, destination marketers specifically, have so many different hats to wear, metrics to track and performance to achieve. It can be hard, it can be overwhelming, especially when you are in a period like 2020 where you kind of have to throw the marketing plan out the window and figure out how to best achieve what you need to achieve. Drill down to your most important KPIs, figure out what that is and that may be different for different destinations… Figure out what that KPI is and stay laser focused on it.” 


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