Throughout the pandemic, we have showcased dozens of DMOs who have been creatively reaching their audiences across search, content marketing, social media, email and paid media. Social media and search are both effective and efficient paid media channels to reach target audiences. One DMO that has been doing this successfully is Visit Eau Claire.

On episode 145 of The Layover Live, Benny Anderson, Interim Executive Director at Visit Eau Claire, joins Jason to discuss how Visit Eau Claire has shifted their paid media strategy throughout 2020. Jason and Benny also discuss what data insight and planning went into relaunching their road trip campaign and how they’re measuring success.

“Right now there is not as much competition out you have this unique window of opportunity to learn all of that and not have to spend competitively to do so. And that was the beautiful part for us. We went in with a five to six month budget and because we couldn’t hit certain search volumes, the cost went down on the traveler coming to us where we typically would have spent two to three times more on that cost per click, but also we were able to extend that budget out [to Facebook].” - Benny Anderson

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