“Giant adventure” awaits in Northern Ireland. From cosy hotels, lodges, and world-class visitor attractions, to the award-winning food and drink scene, Northern Ireland is one destination that has all bases covered for an adventurous traveller. 

The destination marketing organisation (DMO), Tourism Northern Ireland, relied on user generated content (UGC) to paint an epic picture of the essence of the destination across social media, with hopes to encourage more potential visitors to “go” as well. But when the previous UGC platform Tourism Northern Ireland used wasn’t delivering quality content, the DMO turned to CrowdRiff

Since the launch of CrowdRiff in June 2020, Tourism Northern Ireland has reaped the benefits of sourced UGC for social media channels, specifically Instagram. By inputting the DMO’s key brand hashtags, the team can consolidate content relevant to them in one place and choose content to post on social media that will inspire travel in Northern Ireland. 

To date, Tourism Northern Ireland has seen the following benefits from using CrowdRiff:  

  • Access to 95k pieces of relevant content and 126k high-quality assets to search through and share
  • UGC contributed an additional 1.3k assets to the library, including 1k pieces of content from the collector tool
  • Website average visit duration and pages per visit increased 6.4 and 2.3 times more when individuals interacted with the gallery

Case Study - Northern Ireland

Tourism Northern Ireland relies on UGC to draw travellers in. When its previous platform wasn't delivering on quality content, the DMO turned to CrowdRiff.

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