Being a MINT+ subscriber can be a lot like having a gym membership. You know it’s good for you, and it offers incredible opportunities to get stronger; however, for many, the promise of possibility is quickly replaced by the demands of everyday working realities, mainly the perceived lack of TIME for active prospecting. 

The reality is that the most effective salespeople are always prospecting, always “growing their muscle.” And the Meetings Information Network (MINT+) is built for precisely that purpose. 

Every lead, conversation, and customer/stakeholder interaction is an opportunity to dig deeper and go beyond merely being transactional with a prospect. Doing so helps you gain deeper insight into both current and future opportunities. An essential part of selling is gaining greater customer intelligence and connecting in personal and appropriate ways. MINT+ offers you the opportunity for both. 

Several years ago, a well-known planner copied me on their response to a destination marketing organization (DMO) salesperson's solicitation email. I think of it often because it perfectly encapsulates how using MINT+ can make the difference in building relationships and closing sales. I'm sharing it now to offer a glimmer of insight into how successful meeting planners think. The following email is factual but paraphrased for confidentiality.  

Dear DMO Salesperson,

Thank you for your outreach. Normally, I would delete an email that was so poorly timed and researched, but in the spirit of building a better environment for us all to work in, I wanted to give you some feedback.  

First of all, I am assuming you have access to MINT+. If you had taken the time to do a little digging, you would know the meeting about which you are inquiring does not fit in your destination, even though I plan several others that do. I am always surprised when I know more about the destination’s capacity than the salesperson does about the logistics of my meeting. 

Additionally, it’s crunch time! The meeting about which you are inquiring for future years takes place this year in just three weeks. Reaching out with a general solicitation during this busy time will never garner you a positive response. 

In closing, I hope you will take the time to investigate thoroughly before your outreach and use that knowledge to create meaningful connections in the future. Well-timed and researched emails are always impressive, and professional courtesy will almost always elicit a response even if the planner does not have business for you at that time.  

Respectfully, The Planner  

I was impressed that the planner took the time to gently but pointedly call out the failings of the salesperson in such a professional manner and mentioned the spirit of their intent.  

The takeaway lesson?

You will often be rewarded if you do your MINT+ homework, and you will often fail if you do not, but you might not understand why. 

MINT+ should not be a tool that sits idly by until you have time to use it. It would be best if you opened it daily first thing along with your CRM and your email, and make researching and accessing vital customer intelligence a part of every outreach. MINT+ is your homework helper, and by using it every day, you'll grow your MINT+ muscle stronger.

  • Check MINT+ before turning down a lead you do not have space for or that is not right for your destination to see if other meetings are better suited. 
  • Use MINT+ to find the right planners and schedule appointments when attending non-appointment-based trade shows.
  • Tap into MINT+ zip code search to prepare for your next sales mission or even tack a few sales calls on to the front end or back end of your next vacation. 
  • Apply MINT+ query to help a hotel partner fill a need time or cancellation. 
  • Employ organization keyword search to identify organizations that align with your destination’s thriving industries and knowledge hubs. 

But most of all, open MINT+ every day right when you get to your desk and utilize the industry’s premier database to support your sales and prospecting efforts. Work smarter and grow your MINT+ muscle. 

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