COVID-19 has had an immense impact on the tourism industry. We’ve had to continually adapt to changes in budgets, travel behaviors, stakeholder needs and much more. The first week of this year has already shown to be unpredictable and volatile, but as destination marketers look to the remainder of 2021, the news of a COVID vaccine brings optimism and hope.

On The Layover Live, we like to kick off the New Year with a look to what the future may have in store. In episode 147, Evan Trevers from Google and our very own Aaron Nissen join Jason to discuss what lies ahead in 2021 and what DMOs should be preparing for. They also discuss the importance of leveraging resources like the new Travel Insights Hub from Google when planning marketing strategies. The website provides information and tools to allow you to explore how tourism demand is changing and how this year compares to the previous year's demand. The website also provides the ability to explore hotel booking trends and learn where interest for a particular hotel or region is highest right now. Finally, Evan and Aaron share some advice DMOs can use to make the most of 2021.

“As the year unfolded, it really forced DMOs to rethink their value to stakeholders. I really think that trend is going to continue. I think it is something to keep top of mind when you rethink your can you provide and demonstrate value to your greater community and stakeholders for the work as the DMO are doing?” -Aaron Nissen


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