Simpleview CRM + CMS Integration

The Simpleview CMS is a content management system designed specifically for the travel industry. Integrating your Simpleview CRM with the CMS offers countless benefits.

Benefit #1 - You'll work smart. 

Efficient equals effective, and you've got no time to waste. The tight integration between Simpleview CRM and CMS maximizes the data already stored in your CRM so you can spend less time on tech and more time on marketing. 

Benefit #2 - Your partners will appreciate you.

Not only will you empower your tourism partners to manage their own account information, listing descriptions and images, leisure events, sales leads, and more via a member/partner website portal, but our Partner Reporting lets you easily show the value you provide when they ask, "What have you done for me lately?"  

Benefit #3 - We'll have your back, and we’ll help you move forward.

You'll get dependable support from our trusted team. And with our expanded services, we can help you optimize for SEO and automate your marketing — heck, we'll even manage your email campaigns if you'd like us to. 

Check out this sampling of websites recently launched using the Simpleview CMS.