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Marketing a destination is becoming more complex, and every interaction with a site visitor is an opportunity to turn them into a traveler to your destination. Bringing visitors back to your website, often at a much lower cost than the first visit, is a tactic every marketer today should be utilizing.

Driving clicks alone, however, is not enough. Remarketing allows you to place targeted ads, video and emails in front of a defined audience that previously visited your website. The benefits include increased brand awareness, improved conversion rates and staying engaged with your audience. We offer a variety of options that ensures audiences are properly segmented and that ads are tailored specifically to them, helping to increase site engagement and overall conversions.

Drive Desired Action

Display Remarketing

The most basic form of remarketing, display remarketing uses standard banner ads to reach previous visitors as they explore various websites during their path to purchase. There are several ways to segment audiences based on your DMOs specific strategy and goals, and we’ll work with you to determine which audiences to target.

Video Remarketing

Similar to display remarketing, this form of remarketing uses video (rather than banners) to remarket to those who have previously visited your destination’s website or had a past interaction with a video. Additionally, it’s a great way to reach those who’ve already subscribed to your YouTube Channel or watched one of your videos.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Offered by Google, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) enables you to customize your paid search campaigns to reach those on search who have previously engaged with your brand. Since these visitors are typically of more value to a DMO because of known intent, bids and keywords can be tailored to take advantage of these pre-qualified potential travelers. The results are typically more efficient media spend and improved conversion rates.

Email Remarketing

This is an effective marketing strategy that serves remarketing ads to those who opened an email from you. For more sophisticated marketers, email remarketing can be used with marketing automation to serve targeted follow-up emails to those who have visited your website and have yet to complete a desired action such as a booking, attraction pass purchase or visitor guide download. Let our team work with you to develop an email remarketing campaign that helps you reach your goals.

Cross-Platform Remarketing

A mix of all of these, cross-platform remarketing is a more sophisticated approach that can take your remarketing strategy to the next level. Cross-platform remarketing means engaging a visitor on one channel and then serving a remarketing ad to them on another. For example, serving a paid social remarketing ad on Facebook to someone who just watched a destination video on YouTube. There are many strategies you can apply. Let our team of experts help you with your next remarketing campaign.

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