In 2014, Visit Anchorage was looking to redesign their leisure travel-focused website. They wanted one responsive website in place of their three sites (one desktop and two mobile). They also wanted the new site to serve personalized, dynamic web content based on the user’s interests, geography and planning phase, using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data.

Finally, the DMO wanted to use the responsive design to deliver email content to visitors, the travel trade, and meeting planners.

Already a Simpleview CRM user, Visit Anchorage selected Simpleview for the site redesign and Content Management System (CMS). The DMO appreciated Simpleview’s particularly defined process outline backed by the findings from the Simpleview XD team's Destination Immersion experience in Anchorage.

Simpleview also provided historical background and web usability studies to use as a baseline, research from the statewide site, and conducted site tours to assist in determining inspiring and relevant content and imagery.

The Integration Advantage

Once the Simpleview CMS was in place, the Visit Anchorage team was delighted to experience the many advantages of their new integrated solution with the Simpleview CMS and CRM. Simpleview CMS is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Simpleview CRM, streamlining data organization and sharing and allowing for accountability. This had a significant positive impact on Visit Anchorage’s day-to-day processes and lowered their maintenance costs.

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The integration has been amazingly efficient. A lifesaver. Our staff was spending a lot of resources with multiple vendors on the front and back end. Maintenance costs decreased substantially. The new software is so efficient, we don't require as much support.

Lilly Kelly, marketing director at Visit Anchorage

Website Launch

When Visit Anchorage launched their new website in October 2015, it offered a responsive layout, large imagery and trip-planning content throughout for inspiration, and a listings feature with filtering options to narrow down a visitor’s search. The visitor's guide is given prominent placement on the homepage to encourage requests.

While imagery is an important inspirational element throughout the site, targeted messaging and content also encourage visits based on interest and season. The website creative team came up with copy that showcases the unique aspect of long days and a variety of experiences. Seasonal itineraries and day trip suggestions further inspire visitors to explore all Anchorage has to offer.

To this day...Nothing but love

I want to tell you how thrilled we still are with our website. It’s the best site we’ve ever built and the proof is in the results. Analytically, we know it is driving massive traffic to our members and growing the number of requests for our collateral. Contextually, you should know that our staff leadership, board of directors and broader membership consistently praise your firm’s work. We are so proud of the way this has all turned out.


James Minton, Vice President of Communications at Visit Anchorage 


Visit Anchorage Feature Project on Mobile

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