Fact: Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world. 
Fact: Facebook has 2.29 billion daily users. 
Fact: Facebook continues to have immense growth potential. 
Fact: Facebook marketing is no longer optional.

The social media marketing space is a no-brainer for many destination marketing organizations (DMOs). Why wouldn’t you want to utilize a free platform where billions of people are? It can seem overwhelming to stay up to date with the latest trends, algorithms, and posting strategies — we get it.

Like any strong social media presence, it starts with the foundation. Understanding essential components while simultaneously creating a strategy that will set you apart can seem daunting at first. Without overcomplicating things, here are four steps you can take to get the ball rolling while also giving you the creative freedom to set yourself apart.

  1. Define your audience. Any strong business understands who they’re trying to reach by using a particular platform. Since Facebook has such a large number of daily users, who out of that number are the people (most realistically) that will be walking down the street of your destination? 

    -What age are they?
    -Where do they live? 
    -What do they like to do? 
    -When are they most likely to use Facebook? (during the day vs. laying in bed)

    Understanding who your target audience is will allow you to talk directly to them versus trying to create a space that’s approachable to everyone (which is on the edge of impossible, by the way).

  2. Define your goals. What is your goal for your Facebook page? Are you trying to build brand awareness, sell things, maintain a strong brand image, or physically bring people to your destination? There’s no right or wrong answer, but by setting this goal and intention, your DMO will be able to create future content that will portray the right messaging.
  3. Optimize your page. Aside from the actual content you’re creating, let’s make sure your page has essential information to help answer quick questions visitors might be having.

    Walk through the list and check them off as you go: 
    -A profile photo of your DMO logo 
    -A call to action button (could be to the visitor guide or site landing page) 
    -Contact information so the potential visitor can ask questions 
    -A detailed about section highlighting your destination 
    -A pinned post with your latest promotion, offer, giveaway, or seasonal event 
    -A custom page URL leading people to your official DMO site

  4. Create a sustainable posting strategy. Now that your goals are set, you know who you’re trying to reach, and you’ve optimized your page with all the official details it’s time to figure out the content. Get creative, come up with a plan, and stay consistent. When potential visitors make it to your DMO’s page, they want to know why your destination deserves to be visited. 

    Potential types of content: 
    -Things to do 
    -Restaurant highlights 
    -Local activities 
    -Ways to spend time outside 
    -Local business highlights 
    -Upcoming events

The most important thing to remember about a high-functioning business Facebook page is that although you’re a business, you’re appealing to individuals. This platform remains an engaging way to interact, stay connected, and be up to date with those interested in travel and, more importantly, your destination. 

If you’re not sure if your page is where you want it to be, let us be a resource and reach out.