Let’s talk trails — most destinations have some sort of trail that visitors love. Whether it's taking a day to hit every swing or bench in Puerto Rico for the view and a picture, or exploring Eau Claire’s horseradish trail … there is something for everyone and endless trail opportunities for destination marketing organizations (DMOs). We know that marketing trails can be difficult and gamifying them can take a lot of effort, however, Simpleview offers solutions and integrations that will make your trail-promoting experience a bit easier. 


Mapping Trails Made Easy

Simpleview CMS offers mapping solutions that can transform any set of stops into a stunning and easy-to-follow map. Map Publisher offers pin-able maps where you can incorporate listings from your attractions, partners, and events to create a specialized compass — leading visitors where you want them. Use it for sporting events, bus tours, and conventions to provide your attendees with things to do, places to eat, and where they can lay their heads down at night. Use it to show off public art that may be hard to find such as murals and statues, and create regional maps allowing you to partner with nearby DMOs on collaborative efforts.

An interactive map on a computer and smart phone


Checking in, gathering first-party data, and interacting with visitors has never been easier. Looking to gamify your trail or allow visitors to check in at your partner locations? Bandwango is your answer. Create free or paid passes that allow you to promote a user-friendly and web-based application supporting your trails, passports, and partners. From delectable foodie and ale trails to full-city activations, the opportunities are endless. 

A screenshot of Visit Huntsville's Lucky Duck scavenger hunt landing page


Sky-high, virtual tours unlike any other! Showing off your destination from the footsteps of visitors is one thing, but taking to the sky creates a destination experience your audience will rarely get to see. SKYNAV is an immersive, mixed-reality marketing platform and software that virtualizes your destination and brings it to life. Create beacons that transport users across the city onto the beach for a sunset view, or transform your destination from day to night, summer to winter. Use SKYNAV scenes to provide the spatial relationship between points of interest for meeting planners, event goers, and sporting events. Tailor your views to provide the trail your audience should see and change beacons to fit campaigns or new initiatives. 

Visit Wilmington's website that helps visitors discover adventure and renewal

Destination Trails You Gotta See
Visit Phoenix

Check out Visit Phoenix’s Map Publisher use case for their “Black Owned Businesses in Phoenix” blog post. 

View the map >


An interactive map of black owned businesses around Phoenix


Visit Lex 

Check out Visit Lex’s Bandwango passes, like the “Brewgrass Trail” or the “Lexington Mural Challenge.”

View the passes >

Visit Lexington's webpage that helps visitors plan their own journey through the destinations attractions

Visit Los Cabos

Check out the Visit Los Cabos SKYNAV experience and read how they garnered a 280% increase in site visitors.

View Los Cabos >

Read the case study >

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