More than 150 destination marketing organizations (DMOs) rely on Destination Travel Network (DTN) to help local businesses, members, and partners reach prospective visitors and receive referrals through digital advertising and sponsored content packages on the DMO’s website.

DTN’s mission is simple: help your small businesses connect with your customer audience and nurture relationships. Here’s a taste of what DTN does for destinations worldwide: 

  • Reaches visitors at critical touch points throughout their online journey
  • Creates new customers and bolsters relationships with your destination’s top fans
  • Increases awareness and harnesses advocacy for your unique local businesses 
  • Boosts return visits and overall profitability for partners 
  • Makes your DMO an even more valuable asset to stakeholders 

If you need further convincing, here are the top three reasons why you should schedule a DTN demo ASAP. 

1. Revenue Generation

DTN offers the technology and manpower for your DMO to have the most effective digital co-op advertising program possible — all without the cost or staff resources required on your part. With the fully managed option, the DTN team handles ad sales, asset gathering, implementation, billing, and on-demand reporting. 

Let the experts make certain that all ad placements are audience-focused and aesthetically pleasing, seamlessly blended into the site design and brand, to ensure visitor interest and a high click-thru rate. You can track progress through a convenient online portal.

2. Accurate Partner Listings

Don’t sweat and save time — DTN listings ensure that your ad content, store hours, and offerings are accurate across the web, including in-home devices (Alexa, Apple Home, etc.), in-car navigations, and third-party sites. Your listing content will be centralized and submitted to important data aggregators that feed across the web to help potential travelers find your partners easily and accurately online. 

3. Foot Loose & Hassle-Free 

DTN makes marketing easier for your loyal small businesses by removing jargon, complexities, and bloated agency fees and empowering businesses to focus on the things that matter most with easy-to-use tools and techniques. DTN services are hassle-free because they utilize a shared revenue (co-op) system, benefiting you while compensating our advertising experts for their work and insights. 

Don’t just take our word for it … read this case study about how Visit Estes Park saw a 92% revenue boost in website ad sales using DTN. 

Put your website to work in generating revenue for you & your partners.

DTN does the work for you — learn how it can advocate for your DMO and educate your partners on online exposure opportunities.

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