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In today's landscape, an organization must quickly respond to the developments and shifting technology trends to create digital value. Digital maturity is a way to understand your ability to adapt to evolving technology. But looking through a destination marketing lens, a DMO’s level of digital maturity is also impacted by five key factors:

  • Organization and Culture
  • Data & Measurement
  • Creative & UX
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Technology

These indicators are measured through a digital maturity framework that assesses how prepared your DMO is today in order to build a roadmap to reach its goals, plan for growth, and better measure success in the future.

The Simpleview Digital Maturity Model is the only framework built specifically to help DMOs:

  • Better understand and compare how their destination benchmarks against peers over time regarding digital preparedness
  • Be more strategic and prescriptive while ensuring teams are more aligned with overall objectives and goals

The Simpleview Digital Maturity Model is free, and available exclusively to Simpleview clients. You must complete this form by July 9 to be included. Multiple people from your organization can contribute to completing your assessment, however you only need one to sign up.

Here's what you can expect after you sign up:

  • We will email your assessment to you on Wednesday, July 10
  • You will have until August 8 to complete your assessment; it should take approximately 30 minutes to complete
  • Once you submit your completed assessment, a customer success manager will send your custom results and key takeaways within seven business days