Many destinations in one, Norway’s Sørlandet is the place where land, sea, culture and history all joyfully collide.  Be it delightful maritime vibes, stunning coastal views, traditional arts and crafts, or unique local cuisine, each and every one of the region’s towns or villages contributes to Sørlandet’s veritable kaleidoscope of charms and, likewise, to its universal appeal.  With the recent debut of its new Simpleview website, Visit Sorlandet helps newcomers to make the most of their time in Norway’s southernmost region, sending them home with beautiful memories and happy experiences.  

For those new to the destination, this new site — Simpleview Europe's first multi-language website (available in English, German and Norwegian) to be hosted on the Atlantic APi — features a thematic map on the homepage, effortlessly introducing first-time visitors to Sørlandet.  When they are ready to dive deeper into this part of Norway, the power of Simpleview’s CMS means that Visit Sorlandet boasts a range of features, each of which allows the DMO to showcase every point of interest, from Arendal to Tvedestrand and beyond.  Alongside this, the site also utilises Simpleview’s Storyboard technology to showcase Sørlandet’s stunning landscape via unique imagery and video. And — because events feature so heavily in the local calendar — further in-built functionality enables guests to search for and book ticketing for their event directly, without ever leaving the Visit Sorlandet site.  

Land, sea, culture and heritage — Norway’s Sørlandet has something for everyone.  Now, with the enhanced power and functionality of its new website, Visit Sorlandet can fully celebrate all that this universally appealing region of Norway has to offer.