Simpleview has signed up to the Ecologi carbon-offsetting programme in order to reduce our carbon footprint and do our bit to protect the planet.

The programme complements Simpleview’s existing efforts to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly:

  • The majority of training is delivered remotely and all our training materials are produced electronically
  • Meetings are held via video -conferencing apps where possible
  • Staff have the opportunity to work from home if they prefer, so they don’t have to commute to the office
  • We use digital business cards, created in house and printed cards are only used as an exception
  • Contracts and documentation can be signed electronically
  • We are working towards going completely paperless and storing all documentation digitally

We know that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees.  Working with Ecologi has provided us with the opportunity to create a ‘Climate Positive Workforce’, with the objective of growing a forest in proportion to the carbon footprint of our employees.  Our aim is to roll this out to all staff across the globe by the end of 2022.   To date Simpleview has funded the planting of 9,681 trees as part of a global initiative by the Ecologi community.  

So far with the help of the Ecologi programme we’ve been able to offset over 651 tonnes of CO2e, the equivalent of 500 long haul flights or 1,615,826 miles driven in a car. 

Simpleview also supported the ICCA UK & Ireland conference by funding the planting of 1000 trees as part of a mangrove planning project in Madagasca, offsetting 20 tonnes of carbon on behalf of the ICCA UK and Ireland Chapter and all the event’s attendees for the year.  

In addition, we have assessed the full scope of the environmental impact of our global offices and have implemented a range of measures including recycling, limiting water usage, installing energy efficient bathroom facilities and providing all staff with reusable coffee cups.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when thinking about climate change and environmental issues but everyone can do their bit.  To find out more about Ecologi and how to start your own climate journey, visit their website.