Simpleview and Satisfi Labs will offer AI and live chat to DMOs

TUCSON, AZ — Simpleview, the leading provider of CRM, CMS, and marketing solutions for destinations worldwide, is excited to announce its new partnership with Satisfi Labs, a trusted conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) and live chat platform for tourism, entertainment, and sports industries.

The integration between Satisfi Labs and Simpleview’s customer relationship management (CRM) and content management system (CMS) allows DMOs to seamlessly answer website visitors’ questions about listings, events, health and safety measures, transportation and parking, and more. The DMO-specific AI chat solution provides accurate, real-time information through a web or mobile chat experience.

The Simpleview and Satisfi Labs partnership will expand how DMOs can communicate with their website visitors, which will help them influence traffic and satisfy customer needs during or after business hours.

“We are thrilled that this partnership will connect our clients with Satisfi Labs’ AI and live chat services,” said Greg Evans, Chief Revenue Officer of Simpleview. “Satisfi Labs has excelled at helping destinations communicate with visitors and build stronger relationships with partners, which aligns with Simpleview’s goal to provide DMOs with the best technology and tools in the industry.” 

"Visitors want to get answers digitally 24/7, which is why destinations are investing in conversational channels to meet visitor demand," said Don White, Chief Executive Officer of Satisfi Labs. "We are excited to partner with Simpleview to provide an automated and scalable solution that leverages Simpleview's CMS and is specifically tailored to help visitors converse with DMOs." 

About Satisfi Labs

Satisfi Labs is the most trusted conversational AI platform for sports, entertainment, and tourism. Their AI Chat product allows brands to have automated, consistent, scalable, and on-brand conversations with their customers. Continuous learning from the community creates a data superior platform that can respond to customer questions, execute real-time transactions, and collect unique data. Combining Satisfi’s AI Chat and Live Chat, brands can maximize marketing efforts, save staff hours, and influence revenue across conversational channels. With major investments from Google, Major League Baseball, TechStars, and Florida Funders. More information can be found at

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