A picture paints a thousand words, and when it comes to marketing a destination, images and videos that immerse visitors in a particular place are the most impactful way to create lasting impressions.

Simpleview’s Storyboard functionality gives destinations the flexibility to create seasonal and thematic campaign pages directly on their websites via vertically scrolling imagery and video. Designed to be emotive, engaging, and impactful, each image and video fills the screen and can be overlaid with minimal text to guide the visitor on a journey of exploration.

Every place is unique, but here’s how five destinations are using Storyboard to paint the picture of all that they have to offer their visitors:


1. Sognefjord a winter odyssey

One look at the video on Sognefjord’s storyboard landing page tells you all you need to know about the location’s unique beauty.  This first glance is complemented by a quote from National Geographic along with high-quality, impactful imagery and videos — an experience that takes visitors from the ski slopes to the sauna!


2. Northern Ireland Bucket list

With so much to offer visitors, Northern Ireland has created a bucket list round-up showcasing all of its unique and exciting experiences. With striking imagery and signposting links, the Bucket List landing page provides a strong asset for guiding visitors to find their own adventure. 


3. Your Causeway Coastal route adventure starts here

Mid & East Antrim describes itself as ‘shaped by sea and stone’ and — with this landing page for the Causeway Coastal route — it’s easy to see why. The aerial imagery of the coast draws the visitor along this very special journey, all while inviting them to explore more of everything that the region has to offer.


4. Discover Bergen’s Seafood delicacies

Seafood has always been at the heart of Bergen’s culinary culture. Using the Storyboard template, Visit Bergen has created a highly visual landing page telling the story of its local cuisine from sea to plate, complete with signposting to recommended restaurants. 


5. Make time this summer in Mourne Mountains & Ring of Gullion

Using striking imagery, Mourne Mountains & Ring of Gullion are showcasing their summer visitor offer, with a range of propositions in line with their ‘Make time for’ campaign. Each different offer features a tailored full-screen image and signposting text to guide visitors to further content on their chosen adventure. 

Every journey is different.  But if you’re interested in finding out how Storyboard can help your destination to tell its unique narrative, get in touch.