Knowing you are in trouble, before you are in trouble, allows you to adjust your strategy accordingly

Sales leaders in the meetings and events industry need every tool at their disposal to guide their destination sales strategy. FuturePace is one such tool. It helps you identify where you’re falling short before you’ve actually fallen short, thereby giving you time to correct course. 

In addition to helping destinations make more informed decisions based on accurate forecasting data, its enhanced visual reporting offers detailed charts with yearly, quarterly and monthly data, plus filterable comparisons by room nights, events and attendees. Enhanced views will help you easily identify what is already on-the-books, what is left-to-book and what is tentatively scheduled.

With FuturePace, users are promised the pace reporting trifecta

  • The power of Simpleview’s business intelligence team
  • Dynamic integration with your own CRM data
  • ​Access to the 2Synergize team for troubleshooting and support of data interpretation

Don’t take our word for it, though. Here to tell you about their experience using the reporting trifecta are some of our current FuturePace clients who shared thoughts. 

Doug Bennett</b><br /> Executive Vice President</p> Louisville Tourism

Doug Bennett
Executive Vice President 
Louisville Tourism

Jackie Workman, Sales Information Manager, Louisville  Tourism

Jackie Workman
Sales Information Manager
Louisville  Tourism 




 John Cychol, FCDME, Vice President of Meeting Sales and Services, Visit Fort Worth 

John Cychol
Vice President of Meeting Sales
Visit Fort Worth


Dustin, Senior Vice President of Sales & Customer Experience, Baltimore
Dustin Arnheim
Senior Vice President of Sales & Customer Experience
Visit Baltimore

 What value does FuturePace provide in supporting your overall sales strategy?

Destination Q&A AnswerDoug: FuturePace has been an awesome new tool that is a game-changer with strategic group discussions with our hotel partners. FuturePace allows Louisville Tourism to set up for a much stronger conversation on conversion of key tentatives, ability to track performance against our defined Comp Set, and also isolate need periods quickly. All areas of great interest with our partners.
John: I believe it provides better alignment between DMO and Hotel Partner efforts. The data format is much more conducive to what Hotel Partners are familiar with and provides for better discussions on current status and considerations of future strategies.
Dustin: FuturePace is an integral part of our sales strategy. In today’s world, it is not about what you book; it is about where it is placed on the calendar. Meaning, are we being smart in placing business in the right weeks and need years. Visit Baltimore’s sales activity, whether it be prospecting calls or identifying target customers for FAMs, is built around identifying the best possible customers that can impact our need periods. 


 How does FuturePace help you communicate the impact of your organization's meetings contribution to your destination stakeholders?  

Destination Q&A AnswerDoug: We can easily show year-over-year performance of number of events placed into the market would be one example of how we communicate our impact of meetings and conventions placed into the destination. Beyond room nights, being able to see an established pace of events is added value to our stakeholders.
In two words, I am a BIG FAN” 
As for me, I have a different perspective than Doug, at least in terms of logistical use of the platform. But, I will say that I am also a big fan. The ease of being able to pull almost real-time data, as well as the drill-down capabilities to dissect the data efficiently, have been game-changers for me. Where before, if I needed to see specific information, I would have to spend time building reports, now I just have to click a few buttons, and I can see so much in an easily digestible format. I LOVE FUTUREPACE 😊
Available to us in real-time vs. previous TAP Report, which was a downloaded monthly report. We are able to share information and data more accurately with Hotel Partners, and the data format is more conducive to what they use on a daily basis. Furthermore, we are currently working on a convention center booking matrix which will allow us to use FuturePace data along with other key criteria relevant to convention center and hotel partner success. This will allow our destination organization sales team to better evaluate leads and have more meaningful conversations in the booking process. 
FuturePace’s easy-to-read reports enable Visit Baltimore to accurately report out on our YTD progress in achieving pace targets. FuturePace is a credible brand in our community as our stakeholders have a high level of trust with the 2Synergize team. This comes from all the time and energy the FuturePace team has spent guiding our team and stakeholders.
We especially appreciate the consultative approach that 2Synergize brings to the conversation. As we review our FuturePace data, 2Synergize continually asks strategic questions to keep us forward-thinking and anticipating the needs of our stakeholders. They have been instrumental in evaluating our year-end goals and guiding us through the process of establishing new cross-over goals. They not only provide us the tools to be successful, but they have also aligned with our other industry partners, such as Tourism Economics, to make sure that we are all aligned. They are a true partner, always accessible, and go above and beyond.

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