Hannah Mullenbach

Hannah joined Simpleview in early 2015 and has since moved her way up into the CRO Analyst position. Having graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Journalism, Hannah soon found her niche within the company and is now found assisting clients with conversion rate optimization and A/B testing campaigns.

For more information about strategy and development for your Web projects, e-mail us at info@simpleviewinc.com or call our offices at (520) 575-1151.  

Revisiting Failed CRO Tests: Why Did My Test Fail?

Whether you’re new to A/B testing or you’re a seasoned marketer who has run hundreds of tests over the years, the one CRO-related experience that everyone can relate to is a failed A/B test. It’s the nature of the game, with marketers normally winning only one out of three tests. While A/B testing…

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