Destination marketers have had to shift their strategies many times throughout the pandemic. Along with those shifts and to better prepare for the road to recovery, DMOs should also consider reevaluating their KPIs and metrics.
In episode 151 of The Layover Live, our Strategic Analyst, Grant Stoltz, joins Jason to discuss metrics, KPIs and dashboards. Jason and Grant cover the definition of a KPI (and the difference from metrics), why now may be the perfect time to revisit your old KPIs and metrics and ideas of how to set new ones. Jason and Grant also talk about how to use your newly created KPIs to their fullest, how to properly display your progress towards goals and why you need to be a “ruthless killer” of metrics and KPIs within your own organization.

“I’ll echo your sentiment especially about removing or being brave with your metrics. Avinash has a great quote in there that you want to be a ruthless killer of your metrics and I would definitely echo that sentiment. Especially in a time when we’re trying to find a good story to tell about our destinations… I think by just simplifying things and having them down to exactly what we need to tell people is what we need to do right now.” - Grant Stoltz

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