Sognefjord is truly the land of superlatives. This area of western Norway is renowned for being the home of the Sognefjord, the mighty inlet hailed as “the king of the fjords”. It’s a well-deserved title, for many come to the region specifically to see the world’s longest inhabited, ice-free fjord. As if that wasn’t enough, we’d be remiss not to mention that the region also boasts Europe’s largest glacier and the highest mountains in the northern part of the continent. It’s a truly awe-inspiring corner of Norway and with its new website — built on the Simpleview CMS — Visit Sognefjord can help newcomers to plot their way through some of the finest fjord scenery in the world.

Available in Norwegian, German, and English, Sognefjord’s new site serves as the gateway for those who want to discover this part of Norway. True to this point, the striking thematic map on the site’s homepage effortlessly introduces this part of the country via Sognefjord’s 19 unique fjord villages. Additionally, the layout makes it easy for visitors to find exactly what they are looking for, be it fjord cruises and ice hikes or simple suggestions for making the most of their time in the region during winter, spring, summer, or autumn. “The area is both dramatic and hospitable, with exciting and invigorating activities for the whole family,” says Renate Kvåle Hagen, Marketing Manager at Visit Sognefjord. With its newly launched website, newcomers can explore this dramatically picturesque part of Norway time after time and season after season.