We are eight months into the pandemic and the holiday season is nearly upon us. As we prepare for the upcoming season, it’s important that we use data and insights to help guide our marketing strategy.
The holiday shopping season will look different this year, but it still looks to be a season of high demand, making it a great time for DMOs to connect with shoppers and potential travelers. Outdoor activities led the way for most of summer travel, and the category continues to be strong pushing into the end of the year. 
In episode 143 of The Layover Live, Erin Francis Cummings, President and CEO of Destination Analysts, joined Jason and I to discuss the recent research Destination Analysts has published around fall and holiday travel trends for 2020. Erin, Jason and I discuss what travel sentiment looks like, how travel demand and website traffic relate to one another, how DMOs can take advantage of the increasing interest in holiday shopping and outdoor activities. Plus, we talk about how DMOs can best support their local businesses during the holiday season.

“Shopping can still be used as a [travel] motivator. We are seeing that in the data as well, especially if it’s positioned in a way where people feel it’s safe; but most importantly, safety adds to their sense of relaxation. Obviously with the pandemic, the election, these have been very stressful times for Americans and we’ve seen an increase through the pandemic of Americans saying they’re trying to prioritize relaxation in their lifestyle.” -Erin Cummings

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