As destination marketing organizations (DMOs), you’re charged with everything from travel inspiration to helping travelers catch those zzz’s in partner hotels. While the list of responsibilities is long, what if we said you could mark something off the list with little to no work on your end? What if that little to no work also resulted in actionable updates that could help your partners succeed? Pretty good, right? 

Book › Direct is a referral engine tool that seamlessly integrates with Simpleview CMS and CRM to help you boost hotel occupancy for your local lodging partners. While other engines exist, none connects your partner listings and information with your travel content. As a DMO, you have an audience scouring your website for travel inspiration, events, destination information, and trip planning tools, so why not enable them to begin booking their trip while in the moment?

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What is Book › Direct?

Book › Direct is a Simpleview referral engine that provides live rate and availability from your partner properties and suppliers directly into your website, while maintaining a cohesive design that reflects your brand. There are no commissions or fees, no inventory management, and it provides real-time data and reporting.

Site visitors can plug in search dates, filter amenities, and book right from where they are. Nothing says “easy” like being able to book your stay on the site that just inspired you to visit, and nothing says “trusted” like the destination website you’ve been using to plan rather than pushing you to an external website to book. Travelers can take action throughout their user journey anywhere Book › Direct is utilized within Simpleview CMS. From a widget on your homepage to direct booking on your listings, every action is trackable and measured so you can report back to your teams.

Book › Direct Lodging

Reporting That’s Applause-Worthy 👏

Booking through your website wouldn’t be successful without reporting that backs up the results. This is done through the Simpleview Data Engine,  a new data aggregation and analysis platform built for DMOs. It collects, cleans, and standardizes your booking data. More importantly, you’ll be able to provide partners and stakeholders with secure, accurate, and customized reporting that’s consumable and actionable. Check out tips from our experts below: 


Tips From Experts

  • Work one-on-one with your partners to establish content around their properties — this allows for the integration of booking within content such as pre-planned trip ideas, conferences, and more
  • Incentivize travelers to book in the off-season — work with partners on rates and availability deals that will attract visitors during slower times for your destination
  • Got events coming up? Provide direct booking opportunities — place Book › Direct widgets that fit into event, landing, and campaign pages that discuss timing, location, and ticketing, enabling visitors to take direct action 

Rev up your referral rate

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