VivaCITY Challenge update: different destinations, shared concerns

  • 5 minute read

It’s said that where flowers bloom, so does hope — a saying that’s certainly applicable to last April’s City Destinations Alliance (CityDNA) International Conference in Sofia, where CityDNA and Simpleview announced the launch of the VivaCITY Challenge. Created to give two European DMOs the chance to…

Simpleview Europe joins Disability Confident campaign

  • 2 minute read

Simpleview Europe is proud to announce that we are now a Disability Confident employer. Set up by the UK Government, this campaign works with organisations to remove the barriers faced by disabled people in accessing the wider workplace. In addition to raising a greater awareness of their needs, the…

That secret sauce: how DMOs can use food & drink to drive visitors

  • 5 minute read

Like bread and butter or salt and pepper, food and travel go hand-in-hand and even as the last warmth of summer fades, the bounty of autumn is waiting to be enjoyed. Almost every destination has a signature food, dish or drink to boast — something to invite and tantalise. With harvest at hand, this…

Simpleview EMEA Summit: session round-up

  • 4 minute read

We hosted our inaugural Simpleview EMEA Summit last month in Liverpool, and while it was certainly intended as a space to meet, network and connect, this event also featured multiple outstanding sessions and in-depth content from a wide range of speakers and industry experts, as well as insight and…

Simpleview EMEA Summit: recognising our long-standing European clients

  • 1 minute read

While it was certainly a place to gain insight and knowledge, our first-ever EMEA Summit also served as the perfect forum to publicly recognise and salute many of our long-standing European clients. Presented by Managing Director Richard Veal on Thursday 14 September at The Spine in Liverpool, our…

Simpleview EMEA Summit Awards: Celebrating Client Achievement

  • 4 minute read

Here and gone in a flash, Simpleview’s first-ever EMEA Summit is already a-wrap. But if you weren’t able to make it to Liverpool for this inaugural networking and knowledge event (tip: put 10-12 September 2024 in your diary to join us next year), don’t fret; you can still bask in the warm afterglow…

Simpleview Europe approved Charter Member of the Fair Employment Charter

  • 2 minute read

Simpleview Europe is proud to announce that we have been approved as a Charter Member of the Fair Employment Charter As a document, the charter outlines an employer’s commitments to various aspects of workplace fairness. Based on the historical principles of the employment relationship — where a…


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Northern Ireland & UGC

Tourism Northern Ireland’s goal was to improve the experience of its online audience and enhance its own virtual storytelling by: • Locating and displaying high quality, fresh UGC content across social media channels • Eliminating manual searches on social media and avoiding the hassle of obtaining rights • Ensuring website visitors are served with compelling content shot by real tourists, rather than content staged by the tourist boards

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Switzerland & Sendsites

Switzerland is renowned for its status as a confederation and so it’s unsurprising that — when it came to finding a more efficient way of creating client proposals — Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau (SCIB) collaborated with regional convention partners and key venues across the country in order to find a perfect solution. From Zurich, St. Gallen and Basel in the north, Davos in the east and Lausanne and Montreux in the west, proposals manually cobbled together in an inefficient, labour-intensive process — one in which the outcome was often uncertain — was par for the course.

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Visit Svalbard & Inbound Tourism

Balance is everything. If ever a phrase could be used to describe Visit Svalbard’s approach to inbound tourism, this is it. Located in the High Arctic, this remote Norwegian archipelago is home to a striking ecosystem and a place of dramatic yet delicate beauty. As a DMO, Visit Svalbard works to sustain and preserve its environment while welcoming and accommodating the needs of those who visit its shores.

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