Simpleview Europe approved Charter Member of the Fair Employment Charter

  • 2 minute read

Simpleview Europe is proud to announce that we have been approved as a Charter Member of the Fair Employment Charter As a document, the charter outlines an employer’s commitments to various aspects of workplace fairness. Based on the historical principles of the employment relationship — where a…

Visit Sørlandet Debuts Simpleview’s First New Multi-Language Site

  • 2 minute read

Many destinations in one, Norway’s Sørlandet is the place where land, sea, culture and history all joyfully collide. Be it delightful maritime vibes, stunning coastal views, traditional arts and crafts, or unique local cuisine, each and every one of the region’s towns or villages contributes to…

New Mid & East Antrim Site Provides Functionality for the Future

  • 3 minute read

When it comes to attractions and experiences, Mid & East Antrim wants for nothing. Though famous spots like The Gobbins Cliff Path and the imposing Slemish Mountain have ensured that this region is well-known for its dramatic natural beauty, this part of Northern Ireland has plenty to see and do…

Serenity Now: Europe off the Beaten Track this Summer

  • 4 minute read

Across Europe’s major cities and in its famous tourist hotspots, the summer travel season means many things to many people. But if you’re headed for one of these perennially favoured hubs, this time of year is certain to mean one thing and one thing alone: crowds. Yet even in the very peak of the…

All Aboard the Great European Rail Revival

  • 5 minute read

Foreshadowed by the sharp flygskam or flight shame of yesteryear, the current resurgence of European train travel shouldn’t come as a surprise. With so many countries now actively looking to do absolutely everything they can to cut their emissions, greater rail connectivity — with enhanced and even…

Dodge the 💩 this summer at Europe’s cleanest beaches

  • 4 minute read

When Europe is sweltering under the full heat of summer, there’s nothing like a cool swim to bring instant relief and refreshment. But with concerns over water quality now very much in the public eye, it’s not always easy for travellers to know which swimming spots offer the cleanest and purest…

Following the rainbow: celebrating pride across the continent this summer

  • 3 minute read

It’s June. The days are longer and lighter and summer, at long last, has truly begun. Amid the sunshine and the joy of seeing in a new season, Pride Month has arrived. With celebrations around the world kicking off for the start of summer and beyond, let’s turn to Europe to see what the continent…


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Northern Ireland & UGC

Tourism Northern Ireland’s goal was to improve the experience of its online audience and enhance its own virtual storytelling by: • Locating and displaying high quality, fresh UGC content across social media channels • Eliminating manual searches on social media and avoiding the hassle of obtaining rights • Ensuring website visitors are served with compelling content shot by real tourists, rather than content staged by the tourist boards

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Switzerland & Sendsites

Switzerland is renowned for its status as a confederation and so it’s unsurprising that — when it came to finding a more efficient way of creating client proposals — Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau (SCIB) collaborated with regional convention partners and key venues across the country in order to find a perfect solution. From Zurich, St. Gallen and Basel in the north, Davos in the east and Lausanne and Montreux in the west, proposals manually cobbled together in an inefficient, labour-intensive process — one in which the outcome was often uncertain — was par for the course.

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Visit Svalbard & Inbound Tourism

Balance is everything. If ever a phrase could be used to describe Visit Svalbard’s approach to inbound tourism, this is it. Located in the High Arctic, this remote Norwegian archipelago is home to a striking ecosystem and a place of dramatic yet delicate beauty. As a DMO, Visit Svalbard works to sustain and preserve its environment while welcoming and accommodating the needs of those who visit its shores.

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