Seamlessly bringing together your entire photo, video, audio and document library, we save your team members time, while also increasing productivity and efficiency. The Simpleview DAM (formerly Barberstock) system is ideal for internal file organisation, external media distribution, collaboration, archiving or all of the above. Our solution ensures you never spend hours looking for missing files, sifting through duplicate or improperly named content, or trying to control accessibility and usage rights ever again.

Step 1) Organise

Your assets are automatically available in a wide selection of formats and sizes. Find any file within seconds, no matter how big or small. Search, preview, and organise your digital content instantaneously.

Step 2) Distribute

Your employees and media partners can download your digital media from anywhere, at anytime. Just search, select, and download. A same-day request for your content is now as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 3) Manage

Securely store and manage your files on bulletproof cloud servers. You have complete administrative control of all your digital assets. Plus, you have access to our team of experts to help you along the way.


The Simpleview DAM is a centralised system that stores, organises and distributes all of your digital assets. This easily managed solution is available to both CMS and CRM users to create a better user experience and more efficiencies in your team’s workflow.

Simpleview CMS Integration

The Simpleview CMS asset library is a lite version of a DAM (digital asset manager). As a single-source repository, users build a library of images by adding them to the CMS. Those assets are then available for use on your website.

Simpleview CRM Integration

The Digital Asset Manager (DAM) Integration is a free feature providing the ability to upload images from the Simpleview DAM into your Simpleview Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.



Streamline workflows. Use our API to seamlessly read and write data to other applications and services.


Streamline workflows. Use our API to seamlessly read and write data to other applications and services.


Safe and sound. Your files will be stored on the most powerful server available today.


Always on, always available. Robust hosting from cloud-based servers is accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Classify and catalogue. Arrange files into categories, access groups, collections, or a combination of all three.


Keep track. Record usage history, downloads per user, top keyword searches and visual content popularity to demonstrate ROI.


Get your content out there. Use built-in tools to easily share and distribute your files.


Easy to navigate. Selective searches will enable clients to find what they need instantly.


You’re in charge. You will have complete administrative control of your digital assets, reports and user access.


Look good. Our customised site interface will reflect your corporate brand.

Visual Recognition

Save time. Built-in visual recognition software will automatically apply relevant keywords to your files.


Customise the user experience. Use our Download Request feature to approve asset requests or require users to fill in custom forms to download content.

Simon Fishwick, Visit Devon

Since using the DAM we have reduced the time we spend as a team significantly, on sourcing images and video content on behalf of ourselves and our stakeholders. This has enabled all the team to use this valuable time to work on additional objectives"


Simon Fishwick, Company Secretary & Director, Visit Devon

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