Modern digital projects are sizeable in scope and complex, requiring co-ordination of a wide-range of industry specialists to deliver. So many suppliers under-estimate the work involved in producing a world-class destination web presence and everyone has heard of horror stories where projects end up taking far longer and costing far more than originally intended.

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Simpleview however has been doing this for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on leading our clients through the entire process in as painless a way as possible. Based on collaboration and technology expertise, and carefully reviewed-over time, our design and build process has evolved into a refined, 12-step method, meticulously designed to provide the best experience for our clients and streamline internal workflow.

This proven design process reduced turnaround time from the project kick-off to design approval by more than 60%, and over 30% of the website designs presented were approved as is. Some recent design presentations even received client approval on the spot, an impressive accomplishment for all involved and a testament to prudent planning and communication.

Website development is an intensely collaborative process, with deliverables and deadlines on both sides. We are aware that you would like the site to be live as soon as possible and will work with you to confirm a project schedule that is achievable for you. The lynchpin in any site development is the design phase, the length of which hinges on how much time clients need for review. In most cases, when designs meet quick approval, we can complete the entire process in as little as 4 months.

Website Build Process

1. Project Kick-Off

Introductions to your Project Manager, Account Manager, Experience Design Lead & Search Engine Optimisation Analyst.

2. Orientation Meeting

Review of your requirements and your your contract. Discussions regarding timelines and the opportunity to ask any questions.

3. Design Workshop

Your dedicated Experience Design Lead and Search Engine Marketing Analyst will discuss your expectations, your brand, engagement, and content strategy, with a view to gaining insights that will influence the layout, design and structure of the site.

4. Research & Planning

Our SEO Analyst dives into the research and analytics for your current site audience and identifies their needs. Meanwhile, the Design group studies your destination.

5. Findings Presentation

Review of the analytics data, goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) and our observations from the brand assessment to discuss how these will be integrated into the design. Presentation of the suggested site structure, homepage elements and wire frames.

6. Advanced Sitemap

Your Sitemap Analyst continues to work with you as they diagram a sitemap. We adhere to best practices, which ensures that sites that are optimised for search engine traffic and usability.

7. Design Presentation

Once we receive approval on the digital and site map, the designer works on designing on user centric digital environments. Key page designs presented.

8. Website Development

Simpleview’s expertise truly shines during the development phase. Your CMS will deliver an inspiring design and be easy to use with intuitive functionality.

9. CMS Training

We train your team on how to use the CMS to enable them to manage your site. You will also have unlimited access to our knowledge base, webinars, insights and document library.

10. Website Review

Our team tests and reviews every piece of your site’s contracted functionality. We also review the website to ensure that it matches the design and intended performance before it is passed to you for review.

11. Website Launch

Launching your new website is an exciting, collaborative event requiring participation across multiple departments. Once the final go live checks, and the redirects are in place, the site will be switched live!

12. Punch List

The punch list enables you to identify any site adjustments. We work with your staff to quickly resolve any items. After this there is a full handover to the Support team.

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