WCAG Guidelines 2.1

Why it Matters

A visitor with a disability must be able to experience web-based services, content, and other digital products with the same successful outcome as those without disabilities. Simpleview is here to help you create, curate, and deliver the tools you need to develop an inclusive digital destination.







Common Disabilities & Impairments





Simpleview client, Visit Bath has achieved a major boost to the accessibility compliance of its visitor site, following the implementation of AudioEye.  

Digital accessibility is more important than ever as an increasing amount of information is provided via the web and mobile devices. In 2021 the World Health Organisation estimated that 15 – 20% of the world’s population have some level of disability (either physical or mental) and the number is increasing. Despite that, it’s estimated that 98% of websites are inaccessible to disabled people in some form.

In the UK for example, the value of the Purple Pound (spending power of disabled people and their families) is worth £274 billion and is rising by around 14% per annum, yet less than 10% of businesses have a plan to target this market.