Maps for Meetings, Floorplans & More

For any visitor - business, leisure or otherwise - your first priorities are helping them understand where they are and find the places they want to be. Our mapping solutions accomplish both, whether that's creating a comprehensive guide to your destination or an interactive map packed with data about a specific meeting space.

Our solutions let you create maps for:

  • Citywide attendees, driving business to partner hotels, restaurants, attractions and services
  • Meeting planners, with data-rich diagrams and virtual tours
  • Residents and vacation visitors, for festivals, restaurant weeks and other special events
  • Affinity groups, tailored for hiking, shopping, walking tours or your best craft brews
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3D Facility Tour

Interactive Map Publisher

Create 5 or 500

A map of museums. Custom maps for city-wides. Maps tailored to visitor interests, group tours, special events or any need. In addition to our custom maps, Simpleview offers DIY mapping that with an annual fee plus one-time set-up unlocks unlimited potential.

Occulus Floorplan

Imagine More, Do More

From embedded 3D virtual tours to interactive floorplans, photos and illustrations to complete management of branding and style, plus seamless functionality across desktop and mobile. These aren't your grandfather's maps.


Get Convenience + Control

Our turnkey integration with CRM doesn't mean sacrificing control. Pull in all your listings or only the ones you want, use built-in or custom marker icons and place them automatically or manually.

With a robust feature set, Simpleview maps now have applications for every division of your DMO, offering:

  • Interactive diagrams and illustrations
  • Seamless delivery across desktop and mobile
  • Maps that are both web-based and print/PDF-ready 
  • Customization for brand fidelity 
  • CMS & CRM integration
  • Embedded video and 3D virtual reality

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