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Experience Design Process

Design from Scratch

Simpleview's Experience Design Group starts each and every website design from scratch, from analyzing user research to selecting web friendly fonts and designing the optimal user interactions. Every DMO's website is designed specifically to bring your location to life in distinctive ways, creating a custom design meant to leave a lasting impression.

Here are a few of the core disciplines that the Experience Design group incorporates into each new project they start.

We work to conceptualize solutions that achieve goals, solve problems and generate new ideas.

  • Problem Solving
  • Idea Generation
  • Devising Strategic Solutions

User Experience
We utilize a research-based understanding of how users will interact with the interface to create the best overall experience.

  • Data Driven Research
  • User Engagement
  • User Behavior

Interaction Design
We take a systematic approach to design subtle interactions that surprise and delight the user with a quality user experience that tells the story of a destination.

  • UI/UX Design
  • Storytelling
  • Innovation

Brand Elevation
We honor your destination brand and design the experiences to bring it to life on a digital platform.

  • Visual Identity
  • Image Reinforcement
  • Brand Essence

Simpleview Technologist
We know Simpleview inside and out and have immediate access to internal subject matter experts at our fingertips.

  • Research & Development
  • CMS Toolset
  • CRM Capabilities
  • Digital Marketing: SEO, Content, Social
  • Paid Content
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Designing Interactive Experiences

At Simpleview we are continuously evolving to stay ahead of current trends in the digital space. We have a tried-and-true experience design process. The design process we employ with each of our new website designs is based on collaboration and firmly rooted in our technology expertise. It's is not just about designing award-winning websites, but it is also about designing a great user experience for your website visitor.

This proven design process reduces turnaround time from the project kick-off to design approval by more than 60%, and over 30% of the website designs presented are approved as is. Some recent design presentations have even received client approval on the spot, which is an impressive accomplishment for all involved, and a testament to prudent planning and communication.

We listen to your goals, honor your brand guidelines, and ensure we deliver your destination and visitors an inspiring design and smooth functionality. We collaborate closely with our talented CMS developers, who turn your individual design into an easily and efficiently managed content solution. All along the way, your dedicated Simpleview project team communicates openly so there are no surprises. The result is an outstanding, (often) award-winning website design, that provides an interactive and user-friendly experience for all visitors.

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Recent Awards
The New Mexico True digital team is honored to work with Simpleview. The partnership we have with them has enabled our team collectively to design the best possible product not only for potential visitors to New Mexico, but our residents as well. We have an award-winning design and a product we truly can be proud of. We look forward to a continued partnership with the Simpleview design team.

—Jordan Guenther, Dir. Brand Marketing & Advertising…
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We know the formula for total marketing success.

Left Brain + Right Brain = A Perfect Pairing

Focusing on just technology or creativity won't get you to your goals, but we do believe in zooming in on one industry. By working exclusively in travel and tourism, we bypass the destination marketing learning curve to deliver creative that hits the mark every time.