Digital Strategy: It Starts with Research

Whether you've been doing it for years or are just getting started, content marketing is tough work-from conducting research all the way through to measuring success. You must know who your audience is (and isn't), what needs to be accomplished to achieve your business objectives and goals, and what content marketing can do for your destination. At Simpleview, our Digital Marketing team can conduct the research needed to provide data-driven strategy and insights for a clear roadmap to success.

  1. Content Audits: Our team can provide in-depth research by conducting a full content audit of your site. This includes a sitemap, keyword and engagement analysis, competitive assessment, and paid distribution review. We then compile the findings of the audit into a content roadmap that paves the way for the content creation process. 
  2. SEO Site Audits: A deep SEO site audit will help uncover issues you weren't aware of and prioritize those issues to create a clear, actionable plan that is easy to follow. While it is worth mentioning that it's impossible to include every factor and every consideration in an audit, a good one should identify the most critical and urgent situations that need to be addressed. At Simpleview, we approach every SEO audit as a 3-step process: 1. Data Gathering 2. Analysis 3. Action Plan
  3. Competitive Analysis: Our team will review and analyze competitors' search presence for targeted keyword phrases and other factors such as domain age, backlinks, and on-page optimization. This information will help to define your authority in the marketplace and outline relevant content that should be included in your content roadmap.
  4. Analytics Check-up: Proper tracking is crucial to measuring success. Our experts ensure that everything that needs to be tracked is tracked properly and that Google Analytics is set up and running correctly.


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