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If a website looks beautiful, but no one sees it, did it influence any traveler behavior? Unlike the composer of the original koan, we can answer our version: no. A great website is a big investment, and you can only get a valuable return on investment (ROI) by serving it to web users ready to receive your message.

For most Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) sites, organic search traffic (from unpaid links on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!) makes up over half of user sessions. These sessions often beat site averages for quality, too. People who arrived via an organic search typically view more pages and spend more time on your site than those arriving from other sources.

Simpleview has a large, experienced team of SEO professionals collaborating to provide their DMO clients the best possible rankings on high-volume, relevant, competitive keywords. Choosing to work with us means we can combine your destination expertise with our industry experience (we work with over 100 tourism destinations) to make sure your destination's website reaches and engages the greatest number of potential visitors.

Our full-service SEO engagements cover the following tasks, plus many more:

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Optimization and Recommendations
  • Custom Analytics Setup
  • Crawl and Indexation Monitoring
  • Technical Diagnoses and Fixes
  • Customized Reporting

We have proven techniques for tackling a wide variety of SEO challenges including:

  • Mobile SEO: Over half of DMO site visitors now use mobile devices, and the search engines recognize that people need web experiences tailored to smaller screens. We can set up your website properly to capture the increasing volume of mobile traffic from people searching for your destination's information on smartphones and tablets.
  • International SEO: Many DMOs need to reach audiences in multiple countries who speak various languages. Simpleview works with destinations on five continents and can secure higher organic rankings internationally. 
  • YouTube: YouTube is the second-biggest search engine on the web, and video content greatly influences traveler decisions high up in the vacation-booking funnel. Simpleview can help you maximize your ROI in video content by getting it in front of YouTube users researching vacation options.
  • Blogs: Blogs are an excellent way for DMOs to tell their destination stories in fun, engaging ways. Simpleview can help your blog thrive by providing topic recommendations backed by empirical research and optimizing the blog content for maximum exposure.
  • SEO Audits: Not sure whether something you don't know could be damaging your site's rankings? Afraid you're missing critical opportunities to get your content in front of interested searchers? A Simpleview SEO audit can identify anything holding you back from reaching your full audience and provide concrete steps for resolving any problem.
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