Destination Dashboards

In today's business climate, it is crucial to harness data into usable insights to ensure that the story of your destination's marketing impact is told fully and accurately. Destination Dashboards gives your DMO improved reporting capabilities. Presenting key metrics visually is a more effective way to communicate data to both internal and external stakeholders.

With Destination Dashboards, all of your data can now be viewed in charts and graphs in one centralized dashboard, eliminating multiple logins and manual report building. You can even connect all of your data feeds, such as Google Analytics, social media, blogs, airline lift, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and more.
Destination Dashboards delivers:

  • A web-based, software as a service (SaaS) platform
  • Simpleview CRM/CMS and strategic partner data connections out of the box
  • Connect and display capabilities from data sources with XML or API feeds
  • Manual capture and display of data within a Destination Dashboard
  • Creation of multiple Destination Dashboards such as an executive summary, internal sales dashboard, external board reports and partner dashboards


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All Your Data In Once Place

Centralize Your Data

• Simpleview CRM Metrics
• XML/API Data Feeds
• Manual Data Metrics
• KPI/Goal Metrics
• Strategic Partner Metrics
• Destination Arena Overlay

Updates and Support

Intuitive Ease of Use

Choose from 100s of custom graph layouts that work for your unique data. When you're ready to share your data, quickly send users a link to view content, or easily print, download to PDF, or export your data.