Custom Analytics & Tracking

If you buy a tool, you want to know it can do the job it's supposed to do. But a website isn't a physical tool: you can't just look at it and tell whether it's been used, how it's being used, when, and by whom.

In order to understand how well your website is performing with your audience, it's crucial to set up analytics code to record user interaction and give you the insights you need to understand what content is working and what needs to be updated.

Simpleview has worked with hundreds of destinations on analytics implementations both simple and complex. Our Digital Marketing Department has dedicated developers who are experts in implementing, testing, and verifying tracking code. Additionally, our analysts have seen almost every web tracking problem, allowing them to consult on what you should be tracking and how to analyze the data after you collect it.

Among the custom analytics tasks we frequently perform are:

  • Advanced Google Analytics setup including goals, filters, etc.
  • Advanced Adobe Analytics (aka Omniture) setup including custom conversions and more
  • GA Event Tracking which allows you to define and track diverse user interactions on your website
  • Google Tag Manager implementation which allows you to manage tracking pixels
  • Tracking pixel implementation for third parties such as Adwords, Adroll, Facebook, Twitter, DoubleClick, and dozens more



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