User-Generated Content powered by Stackla

User-generated content inspires conversions, sales, and trust for any DMO site. Take your online marketing plan to viral status with Simpleview UGC powered by Stackla. While many social media aggregators are now on the market, few platforms are as powerful or as capable of converting user-generated content into measurable, valuable ROI as Stackla.

With Simpleview UGC powered by Stackla, you can create rich social media hubs and real-time event streams aggregated by relevant keywords, locations, and hashtags.

  • Inspire users and increase engagement rates with relevant user-generated content.
  • Pull user-generated content directly into banner ads, other paid media, and visitor center kiosks to visually inspire and drive browsers into visitors.
  • Find, engage, spotlight, and reward valuable social media contributors using competitions, ultimately resulting in less content creation for your team.
  • Measure published-post engagement with built-in dashboards and drop-in tracking for other analytics platforms, allowing you to make sound decisions on future published content.


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