Content Development

The best digital marketing plans will fail without the firm foundation of compelling website content. In a digital landscape rife with multimedia storytelling and tweetable memes, developing content that speaks directly to your target audience is more important than ever.

Simpleview delivers dynamic and inspirational web content to DMOs though a proven three step method:

  • Strategy & Planning: Your content strategist will study related destination keywords, traffic patterns, engagement, and social influencers to develop a content roadmap. These details are then passed to a content editor to begin the creation phase.
  • Creation & Optimization: Leveraging a mix of in-house creators, local writers, and social influencers, our team develops sharable content designed to inspire users to travel to your destination. 
  • Measurement & Reporting: Your content strategist will use the following content performance metrics to determine the best way to engage your audience for future content development:
    • Pages per Session
    • Bounce Rate
    • Session Duration / Time on Page

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