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Bid Book & Collateral Generation

 The Bid Book Generator gives DMOs a set of customized web-based tools for creating beautiful, high-impact, brochure-quality sales kits for conventions, tradeshows and other events.

It saves DMOs time by allowing staff to respond to RFPs in a fraction of the time spent on traditional proposal processes.

Not only does this allow you to cut response time dramatically and get ahead of other responses, the streamlined process frees up sales staff to spend more time with customers and less time on tedious manual tasks.

Despite saving time, the end product sets a new bar for polish and professionalism, using smart-design functions like auto-scaling of images and text to ensure beautiful, high-impact magazine-style documents that perfectly reflect your destination and brand.


How Bid Book Generator Works

Set Up Phase: We work with you to carefully design templates with attention to style, content, and permissions. If you think of a proposal as a binder, this is the phase where we create the look, define the sections, determine how content might change from proposal to proposal, and determine editing permissions.

Creating a Bid Book: Once templates are set up, your team can generate proposals by selecting templates, updating copy with wizard-style forms, including or excluding content with simple check-box menus and customizing images.

Distributing a Bid Book: The Bid Book Generator then creates a brochure-quality customized PDF that you can email, print, copy on a flash drive, send to a designated printer or make available online.



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Our Clients Say It Best

“Our Bid Book design is amazing! You really captured our branding, and this is a simply a nice piece to look at. We could not be happier – you knocked this one out of the park!”

Monty White, Irving CVB

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