Remarketing helps keep your DMO front and center as the visitor continues on to other websites or social media platforms.

In its simplest form, remarketing allows you to place targeted ads in front of a defined audience that previously visited your website. Simpleview ensures audiences are segmented and the ads are tailored specifically to them, helping to increase site engagement and conversions - more so than a standard display or PPC campaign.

Some of the remarketing types we use to promote destinations include remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), display remarketing, cross-device/platform remarketing, and Facebook and Stackla remarketing. Remind past site visitors to request a visitor's guide while they search on Google; build brand awareness and drive meeting and seasonal business through banner ads on other websites; and use Stackla plugins to incorporate user-generated content into your Facebook and remarketing ads via a partnership with AdRoll, showcasing amazing destination imagery. We can help you do all this and more, while telling a consistent story across multiple devices.