Simpleview Marketing Automation, powered by Act-On

Do more with your marketing campaigns in less time, and with greater returns.

Act-On’s cloud-based Marketing Automation platform is designed to make marketing and sales functions more efficient and more likely to deliver demonstrable return on investment. It’s integration with Simpleview’s CRM only increases efficiencies for DMOs, allowing all contact information, histories, and now a comprehensive understanding of each lead and contact to live in one place—your familiar CRM—for the entire DMO team to reference more efficiently.

Marketing Automation allows DMOs to direct and optimize the marketing experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle and show results at each stage. Act-On’s suite of tools—from an email marketing engine and composer to automated nurture programs, lead scoring strategies, and real-time analytics—help DMOs of all sizes orchestrate coordinated marketing programs across job roles to deliver more and more-qualified sales leads, personalize and automate messaging to customers, optimize resources, and improve results. 

  • Streamline, tailor, and automate email marketing and other marketing campaigns. 
  • Track engagement to note where and when consumers are responding to your efforts.
  • Maximize your messaging power by personalizing content based on engagement results. 
  • Report results and tie them back to your marketing efforts for visible accountability.

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Act-On Meeting

Meeting & Group Sales

• Prioritize Meeting and Group Sales prospects through lead scoring and persona targeting

• Receive more qualified, segmented leads delivered by marketing through the CRM

• Access in-depth marketing insights for smarter sales communications and lead nurturing based on engagement

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Consumer/Leisure Marketing

• Target content to segmented visitor and potential visitor types over time

• Re-market with relevant content optimized over time to re-engage and bring visitors back

Act-On Cycle


• View, evaluate, and understand membership engagement levels at each step of the marketing cycle by tracking which programs and content are most relevant to them

• Track potential new member journeys to personalize nurture messages each step of the way to encourage new memberships