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Looking to save some time and money with your Simpleview CRM and extranet? Then look no further than Marketplace, our new tool that automates more than 20 processes commonly managed by membership/partnership departments just like yours in their Simpleview CRM and extranet.

Marketplace is a new feature available for your CRM designed to help you engage your partners in destination promotion via the promotion of packaged service and campaign opportunities. Available within the CRM Marketing User Group, the tool not only makes it easier for your DMO’s stakeholders to partake in these opportunities, but also enables you to streamline the collection of data and simplify online payments.

Built for DMOs like yours, use Marketplace to:

  • Offer membership/partnership signup on the web
  • Promote packaged-service opportunities for campaigns such as Restaurant Week 
  • Collect listings, contact and coupon data for your visitor guide, newsletters, etc. 
  • Promote advertising options and opt-in for your partners 
  • Benefit from robust reporting across one or multiple promotions 
  • Accept online payments 

Marketplace develops a clear call-to-action to your extranet for your members and partners. It also puts you in the driver’s seat on so many levels. Not only can you create promotions based on need in real time, but you can also configure who will be able to see them. Participant tracking enables you to manage approvals for participation and Marketplace’s enhanced communication tools ensure you’re reaching the right audiences at the right time!

If you’re looking to save time and money with your CRM and extranet efforts in getting members through the door, all the while learning more about them than ever before, download our Marketplace Simpleguide today to learn more!



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