Recovery Use Cases

El Paso Virtual Visitors Guide

Your Virtual Visitors Guide

With the tourism landscape changing every day, VisitApps can be a mobile supplement to your Visitors Guide, allowing you to keep your visitors easily informed with relevant, timely information. Engage more visitors, even on the go, whether they are in the travel-planning phase, in-market, or open to re-engagement after their visit.

  • Serve content targeted to regions or personas
  • Engage visitors with push notifications
  • Provide a quality offline resource
  • Embed a social media hub


Digital Passports

In the world of apps, engagement is the metric that matters most, and a digital passport is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged. With a digital passport, you can influence real people to visit your partners in the real world and even have the data to show that the app was the source of the business.

  • Have multiple passports in one app
  • Encourage engagement with local businesses and partner
  • Provide an easy activity for visitors or local to get to know your destination better
  • Provide geo-qualified information to your partners and easily measure your ROI

St. Cloud Visitor Passports App