"I have been in situations in the past where it was hard to get sincere help from our provider and you were most upbeat and helpful. Thanks for brightening my day a bit!"
- Michelle Schlicher, Greater Des Moines Convention & Visitors Bureau

Veronica Williams

Senior Email Marketing Specialist

Veronica couldn’t be a better fit for the Simpleview team. With a degree in Leisure Service Management, Travel, Tourism and Commercial Recreation, Veronica brings background and expertise to her position as our resident E-mail Marketing Specialist. Always positive, Veronica’s time oscillates between working with clients, developing emails and staying on top of the latest trends.

Simply Put:
   •   Cheerful and Outgoing
   •   Barnes and Noble Junkie
   •   European Adventure Seeker

Outside the Travel Industry, Veronica enjoys spending her weekends taking part in leisure activities. After breakfast and a mid-morning nap, she is perfectly content easing into a Bravo marathon. No Sunday is complete without a classic submarine sandwich and a trip back to the bookstore to replenish the pile.

Simple Pleasures