"I'm an optimist, but an optimist who carries a raincoat."
- Harold Wilson

Travis Yewell

Website Designer

As one of Simpleview's Technical Designers, Travis is responsible for designing the interior pages of a website once the client approves their homepage and style guide. When asked what his favorite part of the job is, he explains, "Web design is changing every day. The chase of trying to keep up with what is best in web design is exciting, and Simpleview not only has cutting edge hardware technology, but the CMS and CRM allow us to implement the latest and greatest in web design.

Simply Put:
   •   Enjoys Cooking
   •   Quick-witted
   •   Loves All Things Related to Music

In Travis' spare time, you'll likely find him experimenting in the kitchen with a new recipe for friends and family or listening to a variety of music genres. When he has the opportunity to travel, Travis would prefer to travel with his dad and girlfriend because they share the title of the raddest people he knows, and are always up to try out a new dish (a big perk when exploring new places!).

Experience Design