“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”
- Author Unknown

Shelley Fitzgerald

Event Operations Strategist

With her degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management paired with her previous work experience in the hospitality industry, including a chamber of commerce, it comes as no surprise that Shelley has found a place in Simpleview's Marketing Department as the Event Operations Strategist. Shelley's main responsibilities include managing logistics for events such as Summit, Retreat and the 80+ tradeshows Simpleview attends each year.

Simply Put:
   •   Friends aficionado
   •   Proud (and exhausted) mom of three    
   •   Will never turn down a beach vacation

In her time away from work, Shelley enjoys spending time going on fun vacations with her family. The farthest she has traveled so far was to Grand Cayman on her honeymoon with her husband, where they held turtles and swam with stingrays.

Simple Pleasures